Make every minute count.

Make money from the free time you have on your hands. Leverage technology to grow your individual skills, build your capacity and your business, and save costs with efficiency and quality.


Get connected to the top talents that will help lessen your work load and facilitate your growth in many ways than one.


Increase your income opportunities and cut daily costs by using a modern tech-platform that has been designed to make you more money.


Increase your productivity and output through connectivity , smart tools and tapping into a pool of dedicated talents.

Leveraging Technology for growth.

 GiGs is a tech-solution to youth unemployment and slow business growth in our country and the continent at large. It is a highly integrated platform that leverages cashless payment and geo-location technologies  to link ambitious business owners to a skilled workforce ,and also help them in making smart data-driven recruitment decisions.


App Features

Save more

A tool that cuts your operational costs and increases your work output.

Order for an expert

Use professional help for as low as 15,000 Ugx to grow your business.


A well encrypted system to protect privacy and encourage a healthy business environment.

Let your degree mean something.

Use the GiGs App to implement the knowledge and skills acquired from school to earn a living.

Grow your career.

Get exposed to real life experiences in the job world to learn, interact and grow.


A virtual bank to ease your cash needs and help you to pay for services with ease.


User Experience

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Offered a dedicated service that saw our business greatly improved

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The best we have ever had. Met all our expectations and beyond. Highly recommended

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